Nieuws - 23 maart 2006

Mensas given another three years

The three mensas in Wageningen, in the student clubs SSR-W, KSV St Franciscus and Unitas, will continue to function at least for some time after the opening of the Forum Building at the Born. The executive board has decided to prolong their subsidy contracts until July 2009.

Rea-Joanne Zijp, chairwoman of the mensa consultation group is pleased with the decision. ‘We are very happy that the university still recognises that the mensas are an important place where students and employees can get a cheap meal. We also regard them as an core part of Wageningen student life.’
The mensas are planning to carry out a customer survey soon so that they can bring their services more in line with the wishes of students and employees. The future of the mensas will be evaluated in 2008, by which time the effects of the move of staff and students to the Born and the arrival of Van Hall-Larenstein will be known. / JH

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