News - June 6, 2011

Meda wo ase

On the last day of May, I was announced to be elected as a member of Student Council of WUR. 'PSF is alive!' At that moment I thought we were the real winners: we almost got four seats when only two names were on the list of candidates. When I look back, I found so many scenes worth savoring again.

Two Claassens & A Chinese Monk
May 25th @ Facebook
Nico Classesens, my friend and also an active guy, posted on his Facebook:
'...just do it, it's your democratic voice in the WUR. I voted for PSF, for Derek Deli Pan, a nice international candidate, a vote for diversity and sustainability in the student council. You can also vote for Veste, I think Aart Claassens is a nice candidate, with a very reliable surname;-)' Nico, how come you are so good at wordplays? How do you paraphrase his words? I found some high-level compliment and support in it. Bedankt, Nico!

May 25 th @ De Dreijen
Here I ran into Willemijn Sneller. 'I'm No.10 of VeSte,' holding a pile of magazines, she looked a bit worried, then I knew her position was unsafe. But she had done her best: 'sneller stemmen = sneller resultaat.' Who could make a smarter slogan than hers? Her endeavor deserved a preference seat in SC! Congratulation Willemijn! Chapeau!

May 27th @ Haarweg
The deadline for campaign in public. At about 16.00, I went to Haarweg on impulse and delivered the flyers door to door. There I came across Kwadwo, a PhD from Ghana. 'I trust you will learn a lot and do a good job. But never forget your root: one day you will go home and support the development of your country, 'struck by his words, I subsequently canceled my initial plan and talk more with him. He reminded that I was there to listen to more voices rather than begging more votes. Even though he was ineligible to vote, I'd like to say 'Kwadwo, meda wo ase!' ('thanks' in Ghanian)

May 31th @ Forum
I found it a bitter-sweet moment when Mr. Kropff announced the result: Tsjerk, No.9 of VeSte, unfortunately was out because their No.10 won the preference seat.  He received 163 votes but still had to be kicked out. Shame....12 more votes could have changed his story totally. But as Chinese saying tells, there is no 'what-if' in life; so I just came to him and give some consolation and encouragement. Tsjerk, chin up and wish you a success life in future.

The election was not merely a game of 'win-or-lose', but more like a lesson about courage and teamwork. Thanks for everyone I encountered in the past ten days, meda wo ase!

Vid of the week:
A very useful song I learned when playing in Battle of the Studies on Monday:-p