Nieuws - 12 maart 2020

Meanwhile in... Greece


Turkey is letting asylum seekers cross its borders into the EU. As a result, a stream of refugees is building up in Greece, where tensions are growing.
Petros, second-year Master’s student in Geo-information Science, reflects on the refugee crisis in Greece.

Petros, second-year Master's student in Geo-information Science, reflects on the refugee crisis in Greece.

‘I have a friend back in Greece who is a soldier on the north-eastern Greek border in Evros. They have orders to shout to the refugees to go back to Turkey and to say that the borders are closed. Sometimes if the situation is out of control, they shoot in the air as a warning and use water machines in order to make the refugees afraid and leave the borders. Also, on some of the islands like Lesbos that are close to the Greek–Turkish borders, local people are complaining that they can’t support all these people, and they feel that the incoming people are outnumbering the local population. I think Turkey is misleading people that the European/Greek borders are open.’

‘It is a European issue and not only a Greek one. Europe must be united in facing this challenge, without extreme views and with respect for human rights and problems. People who are coming from countries that are not affected by war should be double-checked and have all the legal documents to enter Europe. For the people who are suffering from the war, I think that Europe should be more open compared to others, or at least try to contribute to the solution of the problem (if not yet).’

‘I have seen actions by the European Union in order to support Greece, so I hope for a better future and better information.  Greece respects human rights and does not use refugees in order to have economic benefits, in contrast to its neighbour’s policy.

Hopefully a humane solution will be found soon, and all the people will be safe.’