Organisatie - 13 maart 2014

Max Havelaar coffee wins on taste

Roelof Kleis

Coffee machines in the offices of Wageningen UR will soon be serving Max Havelaar coffee. Maas International won the tender for all non-education buildings with this coffee.

The new machines will be installed in April. The operation is expected to be completed in May. Maas came out as the best in the taste tests held a month ago.

According to project leader Annet de Haas of Facilities and Services, the results were clear-cut. ‘For the standard coffee Max Havelaar won by a long way; for the cappuccinos the difference was clearly smaller.’

Choosing Maas also means the end of the plastic cup. Maas is going to serve coffee in paper cups with a bioplastic coating. A working group will be set up, too, to make plans for cutting back the use of the cups. As an additional gesture towards sustainability, Maas wants to reuse the coffee grounds for growing mushrooms. The idea is that this will produce vegetarian snacks which may in time be served in the canteen.

Maas’s coffee machines are   not intended for the education buildings Orion, the Leeuwen­borch and the Forum. The tender for those machines is currently in process.


Reacties 2

  • E. de Vries

    Ik vraag me af hoe deze test is opgezet. Geloof het of niet, maar ook uit de automaten in het Forum is drinkbare koffie te tappen. Door een kan te tappen (multi brew) smaakt het beter. Hebben ze voor de test per kopje uit de automaat gehaald of per kan? Dit laatste zou een vertekend beeld geven

  • Rolf

    Intrigerende afsluitende zin over de L'borch ;-)
    Verse bonen (niet gebrand?) en _in_ de kantoren (niet meer op de gang?)