Nieuws - 17 mei 2001

Mauritanian fisheries institute in contact with outside world

Mauritanian fisheries institute in contact with outside world

The Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (RIVO) has helped its counterpart in Mauritania to make contact with the outside world through a new wireless LAN connection.

The Mauritanian Institute for Fisheries Research 'Centre National des Recherches Oc?anographique et de Peche' (CNROP) lies in a very isolated spot on the east coast of Africa, ten kilometres from the port Nouadhibou. Although this institute is very important for fishers as it helps them locate new and large fish stocks, it had huge communication problems. Until recently the only connection with the outside world consisted of a single telephone line that was used for phone calls as well as fax messages. Electronic communication were not possible at all. The bad quality of the line also meant it sometimes took days to make contact with the institute.

RIVO cooperates closely with CNROP and helped come up with a solution. Dick De Haan of RIVO built a wireless LAN connection between the institute in the desert and an annexe in the town of Nouadhibou, which is connected to the internet. CNROP was very happy with the solution since it had not managed to finding a sub-contractor that could built a reliable system for a reasonable price. The Mauritanian fisheries stand to benefit from this 'development aid' from RIVO.

Hugo Bouter