Student - September 7, 2011

Mashed potatoes and veg at IxESN

Yesterday more than 200 new Erasmus students came to IxESN for an introduction to Dutch cuisine. The meal started with vegetable soup and breadsticks, followed by 'hutspot' (potatoes, carrots and onions all mashed together) and kale with sausages, and ended with a custard dessert.

The first international kitchen of the season has been held.  Soline de Jong, who organizes the activities for IxESN, said reactions to the food were varied. 'Some people took a second helping of mash but others thought the food was too bland and would have liked more herbs and spices.'

IxESN organizes one international kitchen every month. The next one will be Chinese. Five students from China will spend all day in the kitchen preparing a meal for around 100 people. After the meal they will hold a presentation about their country.