Nieuws - 18 augustus 2011

Marta is not a hoarder

Who? Marta Pérez-Soba
Where? Alterra, Earth Observation team
What? Awarded ‘Non-hoarder of the month' by the ESG
Why? She passed on thousands of project hours to her colleagues

What sort of prize is this?
‘The ‘non-hoarder of the month' prize is intended to stimulate people to make extra efforts to acquire work, for others as well as for themselves. There are always some people who have plenty of work while others have nothing to do.'
Is a prize needed to do that?
‘Nature is not this cabinet's favourite theme. Income from the ministry of EL&I has gone down a lot. By about 6 million euros. So that has to come from elsewhere. In May, six marketing teams were set up, in order to boost acquisition. I'm in the team for the European market.
What was your prize?
‘A hamster cage. Red with a yellow roof and with lots of play equipment in it. Empty of course, because in Dutch the prize is called the onthamsteren prize, for not behaving like a hamster and keeping everything for yourself. It is a rotating trophy. But there was a good bottle of champagne in the cage too. It is now by my office door.'