Nieuws - 7 september 2011

Marks cancels opening in Leeuwarden

Managing director Ellen Marks and director Rien Komen have cancelled the official opening of the college year. 'The atmosphere is not very festive at the moment.'

VHL director Ellen Marks
The opening of the college year in Velp on Tuesday ended in disaster. Lecturers and students at Velp organised an alternative opening at the same time, causing director Ellen Marks to cancel her presentation.

The plan was that the opening of the college year for the VHL location in Leeuwarden would take place Thursday afternoon but now Marks and Komen have cancelled it. They have notified the Executive Board, which supports their decision.

'Don't want to invite protests'
Spokesman Simon Vink explains: 'The opening of a college year is a moment of unity and camaraderie. There is not much of that at VHL at present - the atmosphere is not very festive at the moment. We want things to settle down and don't want to invite protests.' Incidentally, there were no plans for a protest in Leeuwarden as far as is known.

Hans Hardus, Animal Management education programme director, understands the cancellation. 'I can understand why from the point of view of the directors. It is clear that there is friction between the staff and the directors. That is most obvious in Velp but people in Leeuwarden are also not happy with what the current directors are doing.'

Not missing anything
Hardus is not disappointed that the ceremony won't be taking place. 'Usually such opening ceremonies involve the directors making a statement for a select group of lecturers and invited guests. Generally speaking, the students and most of the lecturers don't attend these openings. We are not missing anything.'