Nieuws - 24 november 2011

Many parents on open day

The open day for students last Saturday was a big success. The turnout was 30 percent higher than last year's. Among those present were many parents too.

High spirits prevail at the Information and Recruitment Department. 'Almost 1800 prospective students were present, which is 30 percent more than last year,' says Manon Moorman. 'Registrations poured in during the past weeks, but we still had to wait and see if they all really showed up.' There was a lot of interest particularly for Nutrition & Health, Animal Sciences and Management Economics & Consumer Studies. VHL Wageningen also attracted somewhat more prospective students than usual: about 100. A great many nationalities were present, with students from Northern Ireland, Israel, France, China and Germany coming to take a look.
Parents are playing a bigger role in the choice of studies. 'They, too, showed an upsurge of interest,' says Hermien Miltenburg. This could be because of the cabinet's plans concerning higher education. More than three hundred parents attended a presentation on, among other issues, study grants and the long-term student fine. 'But they are also wary of being too pushy,' adds Miltenburg. 'That's why I have also provided information about the adolescent brain and how to coach young adults.'
During the information session for parents, VHL and Wageningen University were both presented. 'In this way, we offered them a nice total package,' feels Miltenburg, who also set up a website for parents: Judging from the past, an increased interest could be a direct indication of the number of new students. 'But 30 percent more students is of course too good to be true,' cautions Moorman. There is no clear-cut explanation for the achievement so far. Throughout the country, there were 20 percent more 'spectators' than last year because relatively more students now study in 'HAVO' and 'VWO' pre-university classes, adds Moorman.
The open day enables prospective students to make their first acquaintance of a university. If they like it, they can take part in a general students' day in the study of their choice. Subsequently, they can also spend a day with a student individually.