Organisation - March 22, 2016

Mansholt lecture Fresco cancelled again due to terrorist attacks

Albert Sikkema

There is a curse on the Mansholt Lecture which chairman Louise Fresco was going to hold in the Hilton-hotel in Brussel. Due to the attacks in Brussel the lecture was cancelled again.

First Fresco was going to hold the Mansholt lecture on 30 November in Brussel, subsequent on the LEI-congress on European agricultural policy. But that lecture was cancelled due to the attacks in Paris and the threat level in Brussel.

The lecture was moved to today. But due to the terrorist attacks on the airport Zaventem and the metro in Brussel this morning the lecture needs to be cancelled again. Because of the increased threat level in Brussel it is difficult for Fresco and her listeners to reach the capital of Belgium.

Also remarkable: during the terrorist attack in Paris on 13 November Fresco was in the capital of France.