Nieuws - 25 november 2004

Malaria man appointed to Dutch Young Academy

The Wageningen malaria researcher Dr Bart Knols and soil scientist Dr Jetse Stoorvogel have been selected for the Young Academy, a newly created part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The new positions were announced last Thursday.

The Young Academy (DJA) will consist of young scientists who are just starting on their career, and have not yet distinguished themselves sufficiently to be nominated for full membership of the KNAW. Knols and Stoorvogel are among the 40 researchers chosen, of whom 17 are women and 23 are men. There were over 200 candidates nominated by universities and research institutes. The KNAW has set up the DJA to encourage young researchers ‘to develop future visions in their own and related subject areas, as well as in science policy’. The Young Academy is an independent group with its own powers of decision that will expand to have a membership of fifty by 2006. Membership is for a period of five years. The first forty members will be inaugurated in February 2005 by the minister for education Maria van der Hoeven. / GvM