Nieuws - 26 maart 2009


Students don’t seem to see the point of visiting Future Point: so far few of them pop into this bureau offering help with career planning that is tucked away next to the prominent reception desk in the Forum. ‘It’s a pity that Future Point is still not visible enough’, says Babs Ates, chairperson of AIESEC.

The office is brightly furnished with flower-shaped lamps over a white table and smart red plastic chairs. In huge letters on the wall are the words: funds, career, internships and personal development. And above them in bright blue and green letters, a sign for Wageningen Future Point – which should have been hung outside the office to draw attention to it.
Babs Ates is in the office today. ‘We want to provide students with information and help them to prepare for their future’, she says. On other days of the week, Future Point is staffed by representatives from Integrand, the KLV, Professional Match, STOC, WUF and the Alumni office. They answer questions about things like internships, job vacancies, careers and entrepreneurship. That is, if any questions are asked. Because in spite of the bright furnishings, they are not exactly run off their feet.
And it is no different in the Leeuwenborch. There the Info point is represented by two computer stations, but they are mainly used by students who just want to quickly check their emails. At the forum students sometimes study the sandwich boards with notices about internships, final thesis projects and vacancies. But ‘at the most five people a day look at the boards’, says Babs. If you’re lucky, someone might even come inside to ask a question. ‘More often than not, they are international students. But sometimes people ask questions that we can’t answer, about part-time jobs for students for example.’
The break is over and students stream towards the escalator – walking straight past Future Point. / Alexandra Branderhorst

Wageningen Future Point in the Forum is open on workdays from 12.00 to 14.00 hours.