News - February 5, 2009


Students at Van Hall Larenstein made it into the regional press recently with their idea for making cosmetics from Gelderlander horses’ milk. The students thought up their plan for the Wisselse Poort area, and their client, Geldersch Landschap sees potential in some of their ideas.

‘Studenty ideas for nature managers’, read the headline in last Saturday’s de Stentor. The article goes on to say that seventy students had given freely of their knowledge and creativity in the research. The idea of developing a cosmetics line made of the milk of the Gelderlander breed is particularly appealing. It would stimulate the local economy and help to maintain the breed, thought the students.

The project, part of the joint major and with assignments from Geldersch Landschap and Tongeren estate, produced ten reports full of ideas. There were proposals for flood meadows alongside streams, a farm combining agriculture, nature management, care and recreation, and an educational centre on Tongeren estate, complete with a sheep pen. ‘Not all the ideas are equally feasible, but there are a couple that we are certainly going to work on’, says Wim Geraedts of Geldersch Landschap. One of these is the idea of a ‘green guarantee fund’: an insurance for residence that their area will stay open, green or under conservation. And the cosmetics line might be another. The students write of stud farms full of Gelderlander horses, and they dream up ideas ranging from rides to master classes to the make-up. The latter would be combined with a hotel and a ‘wellness centre’. Geraedts: ‘These are plans that could help keep this breed going. We will certainly give them some thought.’