Nieuws - 17 januari 2013

Lure for caterpillar

Who? Kees Booij, leader of the research on the oak processionary caterpillar at Plant Research International
What? Has found a way of diverting the caterpillars.
Why? He was in the news in November, with the same message

Why are you in the media twice?
'We put out our press release in November but it was hardly noticed then. This month it has been published again in Plant's newsletter, this time with more effect. I have been on the NOS news and the news has been picked up by numerous nature management journals.'
How come?
'We pursued it ourselves. We are looking for financers for follow-up research and we think municipalities and companies will be interested. They make their nature management plans for the coming year in January.'
Why should they be interested?
'The oak processionary caterpillar is a real pest in many municipalities. Now they burn the caterpillars off the oak trees to prevent skin rashes. Our method will enable them to get rid of them better and more cheaply. We have isolated a scent that the caterpillars give off themselves. You can use it to divert them.'