Nieuws - 21 mei 2015

Lunch al fresco

Spring is in the air. The sun comes out more frequently and the temperature gradually increases. The weather is pleasant, sunny and warm. Very enjoyable. People look more cheerful and enthusiastic during the day. No wonder: nice summer days are coming soon.

One thing I notice is that on sunny days more and more people go outdoors to have their lunch. Not only on the campus, but also at workplaces all over the Netherlands. Looking at this, I suddenly remembered an article I read a little while ago. The article said having lunch outside can have a remarkable effect on a person’s feelings, emotional wellbeing and attitudes towards their work. It could make people happier and help refresh them and refocus their mind for the afternoon ahead.

On the other hand, when you have your lunch at your work desk, it may actually make you less happy. You are more likely to feel miserable, possibly reducing your productivity. This idea made an impression on me because, coming from a tropical country, Indonesia, where you can expect great weather all the time, with clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine almost every day and high temperatures year-round, I do not see this phenomenon in my country.

Although we get sunshine almost every day, no matter what the weather is, not many people (in fact, I would say very few) like to go outside to enjoy their lunch in the fresh air. Now I have been thinking of suggesting to people in my country that they should develop the habit of having lunch outside more often to increase their happiness and boost their work performance, hence improving their productivity.
Zahirotul Hikmah Hassan, PhD student at the Laboratory of Microbiology, from Indonesia.

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NL:Buiten lunchen
Zodra het mooi weer is, lunchen Nederlanders massaal buiten. Opvallend, schrijft Zahirotul, want in haar thuisland Indonesië, waar het heel vaak mooi weer is, gaat vrijwel niemand naar buiten voor de lunch. Ze las ook dat het nuttigen van de lunch in de buitenlucht bijdraagt aan een groter geluksgevoel en een hogere arbeidsproductiviteit. Zahirotul wil dit concept daarom introduceren bij bekenden in Indonesië.