Organisation - September 24, 2009

Lots of new students on VHL environmental sciences course

The environmental science course at VHL Leeuwarden is enjoying a comeback.

The number of new full-time students has more than doubled this school year. While the intake in previous years had stuck at about 25 new students, this year there were 54 first years. The part-time course has seen a turn for the better as well, with 10 more applications than the average. The team manager Remy Wagenaar thinks the sudden success is due to the changes to the course programme. 'We've made it a lot broader. In the past we tended to offer majors that were too specialist, which meant we weren't really appealing to a wide group.' This year the students start with a wide-ranging first year programme, he explains, after which they are able to plan their own individual course programme. If they want, they can also choose modules from the part-time course or the Coast and Sea Management course. 'Now there are even students starting with a technical background, such as road construction and hydraulic engineering.' /Wim Bras