News - December 8, 2016


Research by psychologists at Queen Mary University in London shows that men and women look at faces differently. Women look mainly at the left side – actually the right of the face – and examine faces more closely than men. Researchers were able to use the way people looked, as measured by eye-tracking, to predict with 80 percent accuracy whether the the subject was a woman or a man.


Nestlé claims it can make chocolate that contains 40 percent less sugar and yet still tastes just as sweet. That means you can eat twice as much chocolate without paying the penalty, or at least being let off lightly. We will have to be patient though as the first new-style Kit Kats will only appear on the market in 2018.


Darwin (1)

Wageningen Brewery is going to let Wageningen residents help decide on the flavour of its new Darwin 1.0 beer. If you order this beer in the De Zaaier, De Vlaamsche Reus, Loburg or Rad van Wageningen cafes, you will be asked to fill in a taste assessment online. The tips will be used to develop version 2.0. So the beer will evolve, and the ‘fittest’ beer will survive.


Darwin (2)

It is questionable whether Charles Darwin was actually a beer drinker. That is not clear. What is clear is that Wageningen’s Darwin is not the first beer named after him. You can order a Darwin’s Origin in Shrewsbury, the town where he was born. Darwin in Australia is definitely keen on beer: the town has the highest per capita consumption of beer.