News - March 22, 2012

‘Looking for new audiences'

Who? Huib de Vriend
What? Board member and spokesperson for Movie W
Why? The filmhouse has been saved, partly thanks to a contribution of 50,000 euros from Wageningen UR
Where? In September Movie W reopens in a new home on the Wilhelminaweg

Has the filmhouse been saved thanks to or in spite of Wageningen UR?
‘Partly thanks to Wageningen UR. Even though Wageningen UR kicked us out of LA3, without those 50,000 euros we would not have been able to start up again. And over the years we have always been able to keep going thanks to Wageningen UR. But other parties, such as the town council and our filmgoers have contributed a lot too.'

Will you continue to work with Studium Generale?
‘Yes, SG will continue to support us because we contribute to students' cultural development. We shall meet regularly to see how we can support each other.'

How will Movie W have changed in September?
‘We are going to look for new audiences. Foreign students, for example, as well as companies and private individuals wanting to organize an event involving film. But not much will change for our audiences. Internally there will be a few changes. We will lose our paid staff: that work will soon have to be done by volunteers.'

How will we get through the months until September without Movie W?
‘In a state of depression, I guess. I can't do anything about it. Just kidding - luckily we still have the Heerenstraat cinema. And Move W will come back with beautiful films. With that in mind, you'll get through those few months.'