Nieuws - 28 maart 2013

Looking back

What? Exhibition for centenary of student rowing club Argo
Where? De Casteelse poort Museum, Bowlespark 1A, Wageningen
When? From 1 April, 11.00 (13.00 at weekends) to 17.00
Cost? Three euros, free on Wednesday afternoons

Rowers always face backwards as they glide over the water. And student rowing club Argo is looking back now, on the occasion of its centenary. De Casteelse Poort Museum will be exhibiting a selection from the archives from 1 April. You can see historic posters about rowing races, prizes that were won, jubilee ties, rowing paraphernalia and a lot else. Above all it is a treat for members and ex-members who are interested in the glory of past generations of rowers.
If you are in the museum anyway, take a look at the permanent exhibition on the history of Wageningen while you are at it. It includes objects of interest ranging from bronze age tools to the pen with which General Foulkes signed the German capitulation in May 1945. You can get a bird’s eye view of what has gone on in Wageningen over the past thousand years. The Second World War and the capitulation come in for extra attention in the exhibition The Treaty of Wageningen.
And you can even go free – on any Wednesday afternoon or during the museum weekend of 6 and 7 April.