Student - January 6, 2010

Longer Christmas holidays after all

Following action by the Student Council and the Wageningen Student Union (WSO), Wageningen University students are set to go back to two weeks of Christmas holidays from 2011 onwards. That could not be arranged for the 2010 Christmas holidays, but the holiday period has been extended by two days.

Next year, the Christmas holidays at Wageningen University will begin two days earlier than planned, i.e. on the Thursday instead of the Saturday. The Christmas holidays will last two weeks as of 2011. The Executive Board made this decision following protests by the Wageningen Student Union and the Student Council. Last Christmas, students only got one week of holiday. There was only one week too scheduled for this year.
Student Council member Kees van der Ark says the discussions with the rector magnificus Martin Kropff were constructive. Van der Ark: 'We would have preferred to have had two weeks in 2010 as well, but this is the best we can manage from a practical point of view. And it has been fixed that the Christmas holidays will last two weeks from now on.' The rector calls this a good compromise. 'We may need to rent extra rooms at the end of this year to enable us to hold all the exams on time. But we think it is important for foreign students to be able to go home for Christmas', says Kropff.