Nieuws - 26 mei 2010

Long hair creature

Henk is not very popular with many of my friends. Henk, a big, broad-shouldered schoolmate with a low penetrating voice.

My social circle considers him arrogant and ugly; people sometimes still complain about his parking skill even when his car stands close to the side of the kerb. I don't dislike Henk (perhaps because I'm afraid that I can't park well myself). Sometimes, I go to his student house to have a chat. It appears that Henk too does not find everyone equally nice. In particular he cannot stand environment fanatics. ‘All that sustainability is nonsense. When I had incandescent light bulbs, at least I didn't have to turn on my heater at all. And yet, that long hair creature just pretends she knows everything', adds Henk. 
I broke into laughter, softly though, because I do have dealings with that long hair creature too. But I shall not relate what she thinks of others, or I would soon be at loggerheads with everyone, which isn't very convenient during these last weeks before my graduation. Suffice it to say that the entire Vall Hall Larenstein Velp is a big mixed bag of small groups. In fact, I don't know of any normal Larensteiner; no-one even comes close to this description.
The fact is that there are only extremes in Velp. Smelly woodcutter shirt sits next to slick hairdo and deodorant excess. Even my immediate surrounding is one of cluttered chaos: from metrosexual to falconer, not forgetting the egg white gobbler, hunter and (disowned in the meantime) vegetarian. During the elections, we cast different votes - for the Party for the Freedom to the Democrats66, for the Christian Democratic Appeal to the Green Left, and still have enough voting forms to spare. Our contrasts have already given rise to many a hilarious episode. Take the fanatic meat eater who fell in love with a vegetarian. (He managed to get her so far as to eat hare meat one day, but that ended in vomitting in the toilet.)
Despite all these differences, real quarrels seldom take place. Even Henk and my friends are able to get along quite amiably. You could get the impression that the entire VHL is trained in tolerance.
Yet, when it comes to the crunch, the merger of Van Hall Larenstein - known by the same name for years - into one university of applied sciences has reached an impasse. Are those in VHL Leeuwarden and Wageningen that normal?