Nieuws - 26 april 2012

Loan system sooner than expected

The ruling parties VVD and CDA want to do away with the basic student grant for all students. PvdA and D66 are also in favour of this, even though they would like to have all the benefits channelled back into education.

Rutte's caretaker cabinet announced on Monday austerity measures formulated together with the Freedom Party (PVV) - kingmaker in the Dutch parliament - to lower the budget deficit to less than three percent. One of these measures is to implement a loan system for Bachelor's students in 2014 in combination with a 'proportionate abolishing of the slow student fine' of three thousand euros. New students who will not be given a basic student grant will not get a fine either.
This will bring about nett annual savings of 297 million euros in the long run, half of which will be invested in education, according to VVD and CDA proposals. The other half will be used to reduce the budget deficit.
Labour Party (PvdA) MP Tanja Jadnanansing reveals when asked that her party continues to support the introduction of the loan system for all students. But the supplementary grant should continue to be given, even to students whose parents are indisposed or untraceable. Her party's other strict condition is that the slow student fine be dropped.
Democrats 66 backs a loan system, but holds firmly to its demand that the benefits be ploughed back fully into education (not just higher education, which the party had advocated earlier on). MP Boris van der Ham welcomes the fact that VVD and CDA now also want to implement the loan system in the Bachelor's phase and to drop the slow student fine.