Nieuws - 15 september 2011

Living history of farming

Wageningen UR's collection of historical farm machinery is about to start a new life. The old machines, housed until 2008 in the Museum for Historical Agricultural Technology, will now be part of a new ‘living history' centre in Beesd.

Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Gert van Dijk chairs the initiative group that is setting up this centre. He says the plans are almost ready. ‘The new centre will tell the larger story of the history of farming in our country. And there is a lot more to that than looking at tractors. It will expressly look towards the future. It should be an exhibition that gives visitors an insight into agriculture and how it is organized. A visiting card for the Dutch agro and food sector.'
The centre will be located in Beesd at Marienwaerdt estate. In order to finance this project, which will cost millions, the organizers have a cooperative in mind. This would enable companies, government and institutions such as Wageningen UR to be co-owners of the centre. Van Dijk: ‘This can only succeed with support from Wageningen UR on the content.'
The plans for Dutch Food and Agri Marienwaerdt (NFAM) should be finalized by the end of this year. Then the centre can be up and running by the end of next summer.