Nieuws - 30 augustus 2012

Livestock Research moving to Wageningen

ASG wants closer collaboration between university and DLO.

The Animal Sciences Group is considering concentrating livestock farming research in Wageningen. This would mean Wageningen UR Livestock Research relocating from Lelystad to Wageningen.
This is what staff have been told by the directors. The relocation is included in the ASG's strategic plan but no decision has been taken as yet. According to the plan, the ASG directors and the Central Veterinary Institute (CVI) will remain in Lelystad, as will the Livestock Research groups whose work is closely linked to the CVI in Lelystad.
Some of the livestock researchers are already working on the Wageningen campus, in Triton. The ASG wants closer collaboration between the university's animal scientists and DLO as this would improve what it has to offer to clients. Four major breeding organizations said earlier this year that they want to concentrate their R&D on the campus. The idea is that collaboration between the university and contract researchers will strengthen the ASG's position in the Agrifood top sector.
Livestock Research is currently housed in a building that is too big and no longer affordable. Last year, the ASG investigated the option of concentrating animal research in Lelystad but that turned out not to be feasible.