Science - December 1, 2005

‘Listeners not strictly necessary’

Radio is hot. Commercial radio stations are prepared to pay millions for air space and popular DJs. And now even Wageningen can claim to have two student radio stations.

Until the start of this year there was only one student radio station in Wageningen. Through the WSO, students had an hour of airtime each Tuesday evening on the regional station Dalux FM. Last year this activity was taken over by students from the Wageningen student website WESP, who had plans for more of their own broadcasts via internet. This led to a split with Dalux. WESP acquired its own equipment and set up a makeshift studio.

Students Kyra Rutten and recent graduate Bert Brussen decided to continue using the studio facilities of Dalux. Since WESP started its own regular broadcasts in November there are now two student radio stations in Wageningen, each with its own distinct sound.

The Dalux DJ clearly has more experience and happily puts together a whole programme on her own. She announces the numbers, and ends them professionally in contrast to the WESP DJs. They haven’t quite got their segues sorted out yet. The two presenters combine messily, making the programme difficult to listen to.

On the other hand, the WESP programmes are all in English and therefore also accessible for international students.
And who listens to the student DJs you might wonder? Well, the DJs themselves don’t really know. But the aim is to broadcast. It’s nice to have listeners, but strictly speaking they are not necessary. / JH

Dalux student radio is broadcast on Tuesdays from 21.00 to 22.00 on 106 FM or WESP student radio broadcasts on Thursday s from 17.00 to 18.00 via