Nieuws - 13 december 2012

Like hot cakes...

It is part of her dream come true: owning her own catering service.

Franziska Nath sells her homemade bread in the Forum canteen. 'I wanted something which everyone would enjoy, but is not too standard.'
On the 5 th of December master's student Franziska Nath stood in the Forum cafeteria selling homemade bread. An experiment by the Green Office, which stimulates students to bring out their own products.
'That looks tasty! Can I have a little of everything?' The Rural Development and Innovation student gets lots of positive reactions from students and colleagues in the Forum. Sales are going well. Franziska: 'I've made two kinds of stuffed bread. A French one, with goat's cheese, thyme, honey, walnuts, and apple. And another with aubergine and herbs. I wanted something which everyone would enjoy, but not too standard. Seeing as nearly everyone here eats bread for lunch, this was a nice way to try out something different.' There is also ginger bread, made with chocolate, raisins, nuts, jam, ginger, and lots of speculaas herbs, because it is Sinterklaas.
Meat free
The Student Cooking Corner is a Green Office initiative, an organization within Wageningen UR which supports sustainable projects on campus. The Cooking Corner gives students the opportunity to sell their own products. 'It is a fun way to earn a little extra and to let students cook and share with each other,' explains Marta Eggeis of Green Office. 'Besides, it also gives students the opportunity to taste different things. There are so many different people with different nationalities and preferences.' The condition for participating is that the products are meat free, so that they contribute to sustainability and all students are able to eat them.
The Cooking Corner gets lots of attention. Franziska gets a tip from a Frenchman, who often eats stuffed bread at home. There are also a number of students who would like to take Franziska's place. There are certainly plenty of ideas, such as homemade Italian pizza, or Greek truffles.
In mid-December Marta will have a meeting with caterer Cormet about the Student Cooking Corner. Who knows, it might lead to her ideal being realised: students sharing professional products from around the world every week.