Nieuws - 25 april 2013

Lift is like a box of chocolates

Last week after reading a witty article about office politics in the elevator, I realized I should also write about the lift in Dijkgraaf, because I had some interesting stories about that.

I still like making such childish pranks. :-p
In that lift I struck up a friendship. I once met a Korean girl there. She was holding a cake from AH which was hardly recognizable. I was staring at it with a suppressed laughter. I knew it was not easy to come from AH. 'Do you think it's still tasty?' She broke the silence and asked. 'However it looks, the taste never goes wrong,' I said grinningly. That happy chat made me easily recognize her when we later met again and afterward we became good friends.
In the lift I improved my social skills. When you are in a lift with only one other person, if you don't talk to each other, it would be very embarrassing. In that case I always try to break the dilemma, although it's not easy. But I tried; sometimes it worked, sometimes not. When it didn't work, I would take out my phone and pretend to call someone. It's my secret weapon to avoid such embarrassment.
In the lift I also met creativity. I once met two drunken shabby men. They sat on beer crates and rapped in their mumbling way. Having a party in the lift, it was quite a bright idea. But most creative thing, I guess, was done by myself: I once pressed the buttons of all floors. Unfortunately no one discovered my art, fortunately I photoed it myself so now I can show it to you.
'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.' Forrest Gump's motto perfectly applies to the lift I go in and out everyday. To many people it's nothing more than a small metal box, but to me, it's a playground full of hilarious memories. It's a special corner of my days in Wageningen.
Do you also have any crazy moments in the lift? I'm all ears.
Vid of the Week: Have you heard of 60-second pitch? It's a very short sales presentation-short enough to be made in a lift ride.