Nieuws - 24 november 2005

Lifestyle new Wageningen theme

The executive board is considering launching two new areas of special focus in the new Wageningen UR business plan: 'biobased economy' and 'lifestyle'. The executive board sent a draft version of the plan to the employees’ council this week.

Six ‘knowledge cores’ for the coming years are identified in the plan: transparency, quality, safety and prevention in chains; from safety to quality; towards health and well-being; a better functioning environment; technology development; transition processes.

In addition to the six themes that Wageningen UR already addresses, the executive board is considering two new ones: lifestyle and biobased economy. Lifestyle would include the new programme ‘health and society’ and education on ‘non-productive animals’. Programmes on animal management that focus on horses and domestic pets are very popular, especially at Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education.

‘Biobased economy’ is the transformation of organic waste into economically valuable substances. According to the executive board, Wageningen should concentrate on the process technology necessary to obtain useful substances out of plant waste, and on the production of suitable plant varieties. / KV