Organisation - June 9, 2005

Lexicon helps clear up confusion

From ‘absolute majority’ to ‘zoonosis’, the Wageningen UR lexicon launched this week contains more than a thousand terms in Dutch and English.
The list has been compiled by the language centre Centa and is intended to prevent confusion of terms that need translating. ‘We have used existing lists to make up the new one,’ tells Marjan Noordhoek of Centa. ‘Where there was more than one translation possible, we have made a choice. It is not that a particular translation might be wrong, but we want create uniformity in the translations used within the organisation.’ In addition to many terms relating to policy, the list also contains the English names of departments within Wageningen UR and the translations of the names of Dutch public and private institutions. The lexicon can be consulted online within Wageningen UR via / JH