Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I am truly shocked to read in the article ‘Talks between ISOW and Ceres
break down’ that Mr Mishra has been trying for 18 months to get space for
the university-condoned international student organisation at Ceres student
club – and after all that effort, his hands are empty.

The shock is that he apparently does not know about the existing
International Club Association (ICA), the one that has been running in
Wageningen for 45 years, the one that was set up by foreign students in
1958, the one that is run by volunteers who desperately want to know that
the work they do is needed by the very people Mr Mishra represents.
According to our constitution: ‘The Association aims at the promotion of
social and cultural contact between people from different countries staying
in Wageningen, irrespective of length of stay.’

I have been a member of the ICA for 26 years. We have a perfect facility:
an old farmhouse on the corner of Marijkeweg and Lawickse Allee with dance
floor, disc jockey corner, bar, coatroom – and that’s just downstairs.
Upstairs there’s a huge room with furniture and games, plus two smaller
rooms for meetings. This entire facility is practically empty every weekend
and totally unoccupied during the week. Since the university has never
recognised the ICA, apparently no one has told Mr Mishra about it.

I would suggest Mr Mishra contact the president, Kitty Cruden (email: or me (tel. 0317 424909).

Sincerely yours,

Carol Lynn Crow