Organisation - January 7, 2010

Letter to the editor: climate hype


In the Viewpoint column in Resource (3 December) I read of Leffert Oldeman's astonishment at what he sees as Wageningen UR's shameful collusion in the 'climate hype', as well as the inability of Pier Vellinga and Pavel Kabat to provide sound scientific support for the greenhouse theory.

I wholeheartedly agree with Oldeman. The Wimek research institute is making a fool of itself, and it is primarily about getting research funding. This has been going in since the period when I was on the institute's board at the end of the nineteen nineties (although that is not to say that there has been no good research done on any of the subtopics).  It is only to be hoped that there will now be an end to this shameful misleading of the public (and the government) - after the flop in Copenhagen: some people are in for a taste of their own medicine. Gatze Lettinga