Nieuws - 24 november 2010

Letter to the editor: KSV 1935 riddle


Nice, this old photo with partying students from 1935 which appeared in Resource on 4 November 2010.

 Let me add two photos from the same period and pose an exciting riddle:

  • 1. What do these three photos have in common?

  • 2. Which later known cartoonist/illustrator made the drawings?

 Henk van Wijk, Bennekom

Eppo Doeve (Bandung 1907 - Amsterdam 1981) is an acclaimed designer, painter, illustrator and book cover designer. In 1927, Doeve left Bandung to settle in Wageningen. He studied at the then Agriculture University and joined the KSV Franciscus student society. Decades later, the pub on the Heerenstraat still carried traces of his artistic talent.
In the photo in Resource, to the left of the door are the two feet of a drawing of moderator Prof. Dr. B.H. Moldenboer O.P. To the right of the door is an arm of a drawing of a student in a checked suit made by Eppo Doeve.
The works of Eppo Doeve are currently housed in the Dutch Press Museum in Amsterdam. With the exception of these drawings. Jop Euwijk is writing a biography of Eppo Doeve.  He has already written a dissertation on Doeve.