Nieuws - 23 september 2010

Letter to the editor 12-09-2010


MSc Development and Rural Innovation (MDR) The only constant is change itself!

I am currently living my student life in Wageningen University, The Netherlands. The name of my Master program has been changed to MSc Development and Rural Innovation (MDR). Before MDR, the name was MSc Management of Agro-Ecological Knowledge and Social Change (MAKS). The change is only in the name of the program, not in the content; just like changing the casing of cellphone or bed-sheet.
Like any other changes that happen in this planet; some like the new name, some don't. Some disagree with the changing process itself, some find MDR easier to 'explain' compare to MAKS, some worry about the prospect to pursue professional career in the developed countries and in the developing countries.
Indeed the changing process was quite complex and apparently the talk to change the MAKS name has started a decade ago. It was said that one of the main triggers to change the MAKS name was because it is far from being 'the common' and it is not self-explanatory; especially when compared with MSc programs like 'Biotechnology', 'International Development', 'Nutrition and Health.'
So far, I am fine with MDR. I would say I am fine with any NAMING of the program. I am currently in love with the content--the subjects that I am learning. I see that the real challenge lies in the ability to formulate a simple-understandable by layman one/two-liner(s) of what is MAKS? or now.. what is MDR?
This is my one-liner; which of course is not constant and may change as time goes... MDR equips students (from natural science background) with social science perspectives to analyze and to understand the dynamics and the complexity of social change.
MAKS-ers/MDR-ers, what's your one/two-liner(s)?/Steisianasari Mileiva