Student - December 21, 2018

Less unemployment among alumni

Echica van Kelle,Luuk Zegers

Unemployment among WUR alumni has fallen from 13 per cent in 2013 to 8 per cent in 2017, according to the latest National Alumni Survey by the Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU).

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Silvia Blok, labour market employee at WUR, is pleased with the fall of 5 percentage points in four years. ‘We’re over the crisis low point.’ However, WUR alumni do take slightly longer to find their first job after graduating: 3.7 months compared with the national average of 2.7 months.

Many Wageningen alumni go on to do a PhD: 21 per cent compared with an average of 12 per cent for all Dutch universities. ‘That has been the case for years,’ says Blok. ‘WUR is a real research university and that is reflected in the figures.’

Another striking result is that 40 per cent of WUR alumni did an internship abroad during their Master’s as opposed to the national average of 16 per cent. WUR alumni were also relatively likely to be living abroad at the time of the survey (27 per cent versus 14 per cent). Education & Student Affairs says this is because of the large number of international students doing Master’s degrees at Wageningen: nearly 40 per cent of MSc students are from abroad.

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  • Yassmin

    Thank you for the article, it is really impressive that more WUR students get opened to the world by going for an intership or exchange abroad.

    I have one question, what does this mean " Met 370 ingevulde enquêtes was het responspercentage van WUR op de enquête 23 procent. Van deze respondenten was 65 procent vrouw. " I don't mean the translation, I mean the meaning of the sentence itself, I didn't get it.

    • Classic Liberal

      Hey Yassmin,

      It means that;

      370 questionairres were returned with their questions answered, which was 23 per cent of the total number of questionairres being sent. Of those responding to the questionairre, 65% were women.