Nieuws - 19 november 2012

Less translation on

Resource will no longer be translating articles published on the Dutch website into English. This step is necessary to make up for the extra costs of producing the English-language edition of the magazine.

Since 2009, Resource has run a bilingual news site, which provides news every day and a forum for discussion. Readers from all parts of the organization can air their views and engage in debate. All online articles were translated into English within 24 hours.
Sadly, however, the number of visitors to the English-language site remained disappointingly small. An article that was looked at 240 times in Dutch, for example, was only clicked on 40 times in English. And there has been hardly any discussion on the English part of the site.

Since September 2011, Resource has produced an entirely English edition of the magazine, increasing its circulation considerably. The costs of this turned out to be higher than expected.
The publisher and editors have therefore decided to scrap the online translations. Reluctantly, as a bilingual organization such as Wageningen UR should make optimal provision for both groups. As soon as it is viable, online translation will be resumed. Meanwhile, the completely English-language magazine will continue to be published and all the articles in it will also appear online. Other articles with important breaking news will also be translated.