Nieuws - 22 april 2004

Leeuwenborch to IMAG

All members of staff working in the Leeuwenborch will be temporarily moved to the old IMAG building on the Mansholtlaan while renovations are carried out and an extension built.

Between now and mid-May all groups housed in the Leeuwenborch will be moved. The library will be closed between 21 April and 17 May, after which it will open again in the Mansholtlaan. The move is inconvenient for students especially, as there are exams this week, and will cause delays for students starting on their theses. The computers have already been moved, but are therefore at present not available. The reason move was not organised to take place in the summer vacation is that Leeuwenborch personnel can be used to do the packing and unpacking, whereas many would be on holiday during the summer.