Nieuws - 23 maart 2006

Lectures on your iPod

Is that eight-thirty lecture on Friday morning just a bit too early for you? The ICT department has come up with a solution for you.

The department plans to record lectures and make them available as podcasts. This way you can hear what the lecturer had to say whenever you want on your MP3 player.
Michael Hegeman is responsible for innovations in teaching at the ICT department: ‘We’re still preparing things, but should be able to start in a month. We will start by just making a sound recording, which will be available as a podcast. Later on we’ll include video, and produce vodcasts. That means that when a lecturer changes an overhead sheet the student will be able to see that briefly.’
Not all lecturers are happy about the plans. ‘Some teachers are worried that students will stop going to lectures. But if you look at the US, where lectures are already recorded, you’ll see that it’s not a problem. It offers added value as students can use them to listen to things again.’
If the idea takes off the podcasts will be put on to EDUweb. Hegeman: ‘When you get home after a lecture you can synchronise your MP3 player immediately through EDUweb.’
Lecturers who would like to take part in the trial run should get in touch with Michael Hegeman. / JH

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