Nieuws - 1 januari 1970

Lecturers get course on intercultural communication

Lecturers get course on intercultural communication

The department of Educational Advisory Staff at Wageningen UR (OWU) has set
up a course on intercultural communication for lecturers.

The internationalisation of the university means that an increasing number
of lecturers have to teach international students, both individually and in
work groups. According to the OWU it is important to be aware of cultural
differences and have some understanding of different educational
backgrounds if lecturers are to provide good education themselves.

Although there has not yet been much interest in the course, Jan Steen of
OWU is convinced that it is necessary. He believes that lecturers do think
about the consequences of teaching to multicultural groups. A course will
also be given in April that is specifically oriented to Chinese culture.
This is for a number of lecturers from one of the departments that will
receive large numbers of Chinese students in September. Steen thinks that
more groups are likely to want a specific course in the future. OWU is
definitely prepared to run more of these courses.

Leonie Mossink