Nieuws - 3 oktober 2002

Lecture review: RDS-20804

Lecture review: RDS-20804

Introduction to Sociology of Knowledge and Agriculture

Professor L.E. Visser

Calmness. That's what Visser radiates while she's standing in front of the class, even though she can't seem to keep her hands still. Her English is almost perfect and she doesn't hesitate to ask for help on the rare occasions that the right word is missing from her vocabulary. She talks with a steady voice, calm and convincing.

Visser's hands don't stop moving for a moment though, as if they have to make up for the immobility of her feet. Animated gestures emphasise almost every single expression, but they are never irritating. Her hands point, wave, and form triangles, rectangles and circles. Sometimes it's hard to say what she's pointing at or what shape it is her hands are trying to form. Her arms take the gesturing hands to the left of her body, to the right, over her head and tapping on the desk. Arms spread and a little bent at the elbow, the palms of her hands pointing upwards and Visser becomes the balance she's talking about.

Visser talks about the concept of sustainability. She warns the students to stay critical when people use this word. The students get plenty of time to ask questions and talk about their opinions. Every now and then Visser takes her time to come up with the best examples to illustrate her story. It is obvious that Visser is drawing from personal experiences. This makes her lecture a valuable addition to the study material.

Leonie Mossink