Nieuws - 20 september 2001

Learn Dutch and get more out of your stay

Learn Dutch and get more out of your stay

'Goedemiddag!' 'Hoe gaat het ermee?' 'Gezellig hier!' These are some of the Dutch phrases which might come in handy during your stay. Why not try to learn more of the Dutch language? Many foreigners have done so, and with satisfying results.

Anne, PhD student from France, is one of those who learned Dutch, and with great success. "Alright, I speak a lot of English at work with other foreigners, but in daily life Dutch is very useful. I read Dutch papers, I speak Dutch when I go shopping, and with my neighbours. It is great to understand the people around you."

Anne learned Dutch at the adult education centre 'Educatie Wageningen', Wilhelminaweg 1. Classes are twice a week, last about two and a half hours and are held both in the evening and also during daytime. Costs for a whole year, from September to June, are about 250 guilders, quite cheap compared to other language institutes. Another possibility is the Centre for Language Education (Centrum voor Talenonderwijs) at Generaal Foulkesweg 1a, behind the Aula. The courses offered here are more based on self-study, and a course of ten lessons costs about 100 guilders.


Anne: "The lessons at Educatie Wageningen are great fun. First you take a test, then you join a group of your level. My group of fifteen people was very diverse: students and employees of the university but also foreigners with Dutch partners." Anne found the teachers and students very motivated. "I also followed a course at the Centre for Language Education, but at Educatie Wageningen the atmosphere is nicer and the lessons are more intensive."

If you are thinking of learning Dutch act fast; at Educatie Wageningen lessons start in September.

Educatie Wageningen 0317 420787

Centre for Language Education 0317 482552

Hugo Bouter