Nieuws - 2 februari 2006

Large soup bowl is back after protests

In response to complaints about the size of new soup bowls in Wageningen canteens, the university has decided to bring back the old familiar ‘large’ version next week. This was announced in a letter from university support services that will be published in the Wb this week.

At the start of the year, the support services replaced the old bowls, which could hold 350 ml of soup, with new ones that hold only 250 ml, and at the same time they increased the price of soup by 10 euro cents. This measure led to numerous protests and a boycott of soup in the university’s canteens.
Shocked by all the fuss, the head of the catering facilities, Anneke Meijlink, announced that the old soup bowl would be brought back. Soup eaters will even receive a small conciliatory gift next week. The small soup bowls will be sent to the University of Groningen, where students and employees will have to pay 1.50 euros for their meagre ration of soup. In Wageningen, even 1.20 euros was too much. / KV

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