Nieuws - 28 maart 2002

Larenstein agricultural college to come to Wageningen

Larenstein agricultural college to come to Wageningen

The Wageningen contingent of international students is likely to increase again in five years' time. The agricultural college Hogeschool Larenstein wants to move its location in Deventer to Wageningen. At present there are 150 international students in Deventer, and starting with the new academic year, an extra seventy students from China are also expected.

The main factor in Larenstein's decision to move to Wageningen was the attraction of working together in the educational programmes. The college in Deventer has become too small to remain independent, according to the management there. An additional advantage of the move will be that both university and college can coordinate their student recruitment efforts.

Wageningen and Deventer have much in common. Larenstein has experienced a decline in interest from Dutch school leavers as has Wageningen, and likewise has directed its efforts to the international education market. Starting in the new academic year the last two years of the Larenstein BSc courses in Animal and Livestock Husbandry, Rural Renewal, Business Studies and Agribusiness, Horticulture and Arable Agriculture, and Horse Husbandry will be given in English.

Deventer expects international student numbers to double in the coming years. They are well looked after in Deventer, living together in one apartment block. The Friends of Foreign Students (FSS) ensure that all students are assigned a mentor upon arrival who helps them to find their way around Deventer.


The move of the agricultural college is part of a cooperation plan between Wageningen UR and Larenstein and the Van Hall Institute. The Executive Board of Wageningen UR hopes that this cooperation will lead to a merger of the university and the two colleges before the end of the year. Wageningen UR is pleased with the college's decision to move, and expects to house it in one wing of the planned new education building. This will give BSc students access to other facilities in the building such as the library and canteen. Larenstein wants to maintain its own identity however once in Wageningen.

Student accommodation office SSHW is looking into the housing situation for new students. It will take the likely rise in international student numbers into account in its building plans, and is investigating whether the arrival of the agricultural college will require an increase in the total number of rooms.

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