Nieuws - 17 januari 2008

Laptops for students

Students at Wageningen University and Van Hall Larenstein will soon be able to buy a good laptop through Wageningen UR. While the four models that have been selected are not the cheapest, they are good quality and come with an attractive guarantee, says the project group responsible for the deal. All that’s missing is the wireless network in Forum.

The initiative fulfils a Sinterklaas wish from two years ago: laptops for students. The Executive Board of Wageningen UR will not be subsidising the project, but a good bulk-buy reduction has been negotiated with SURFdiensten, a not-for-profit organisation set up by higher education to encourage ICT use, says Ton Risse, head of ICT services at Facilities Management.

Other polytechnics and universities already offer Lenovo laptops to their students through SURF. ‘They aren’t the cheapest, but offer the best quality. They’re stable and sturdy. The laptops are built to survive being dropped accidentally,’ says Risse.

He is also pleased that students can buy a three-year international guarantee, so the computer can be repaired abroad. The basic model with Windows Vista and software fully installed costs 715 euros. The most expensive model with more sophisticated graphics and the best guarantee starts at 1289 euros, not including software. The group is still looking into whether employees will also be eligible for the offer.

In Forum the promised wireless connections are not yet working, which would provide an easy way of getting on to the WUR network. The matter is still being worked on, said Risse.