Nieuws - 20 januari 2005

Language test for teachers

Teachers will also have to be tested on their English language skills according to a decision made by the Corporate Board. The decision is in response to the wish expressed by the Joint Council (GV) of students and university employees.

In May last year the executive board decided to test the English language skills of new MSc students. The recently formed Corporate Board, consisting of the executive board and the directors of the sciences groups has now decided to also test lecturers.

The test is intended to give an indication of the language level of the lecturer that can then be used in work performance talks to decide whether extra coaching is necessary. The chair groups will have to pay for the costs of the tests and any language courses needed out of their own education budgets.

The Oxford Quick Placement tests will be organised and held by Centa, the language centre at Wageningen UR. Centa has developed courses to improve English language skills. / JH