Nieuws - 6 november 2008


First year Biology student, Bas (21), is a man of remarkable convictions. The most striking example concerns a coming ‘event’ that he predicts will radically change the world as we know it. To this end, Bas has taken out the maximum student loan from the IB Group since in the coming era money will hold little to no value.

Bas does not exactly know what will happen on 21 December 2012 – the date on which the Mayan calander comes to an end. However, he believes it will be something of great magnitude. ‘Some people say that World War Three will begin , but I don’t believe it. More likely, the climax of current economic and climatic problems will result in a worldwide catastrophe, possibly accompanied by a significant natural disaster. Following the apex of this chaos, a new era will arrive.
Believing money will be then be worthless, Bas took the maximum IB euros and with it he is taking an additional, and relatively expensive, class in alternative medical treatments while majoring in Biology at Wageningen University. Not only that, he wants to get some enjoyment out of his life here and now. ‘ I have never been one to happily tread the expected path from primary school to retirement. Work will always take a back seat to my having a bit of fun.’

Bas has absolutely no confidence in the integrity of either the government or the pharmaceutical industry. After dropping out of medical school in Belgium, Bas completed a course called Living Biology. This subject deals with alternative medical treatments and posits that stress and other diseases are caused by radiation. ‘The insights I found by studying alternative remedies got me to thinking differently on a number of other matters. Take the pharmaceutical industry – it is so extremely capitalistic it’s as if its highest goal is to fill people with as many pills as possible before they ultimately die. It does not seem to be their goal to make people better. In this study I was taught by insightful teachers with refreshing views – views that are worthwhile for everyone to take the trouble to absorb.

According to Bas, the attacks of 9/11 were probably caused by the United States itself. He says that the media is so manipulated by government that it leaves people in a state of uncertainty regarding whatever is going on. The more money that is involved, the greater the temptation for powerful authorities to steer the course of events.
Bas doesn’t know if there are many Wageningen students who share his line of thinking.

It is not a lighthearted topic that he readily discusses. Following a number of negative reactions, he no longer tries to convince others. This is one of the reasons that neither Bas’s last name nor his photo accompanies this Resource article. ‘I know that I am very unique in my way of thinking and in my opinions. That’s no problem - I do not feel the need to convince others. It’s really about how I conduct my life. Most people do not dare to look beyond their current worldview since it offers them a sense of security and safety. They have this sacred belief in our society. Luckily, my girlfriend is open to my ideas and that is what’s important to me.’