Nieuws - 8 januari 2009


At twelve noon on Friday 12 December, a petition was handed to the board of directors of WUR, requesting them to reconsider their decision to move the Social Science Library away from the Leeuwenborch. The petition was signed by around six hundred students, researchers, professors, and retired professors from both the social sciences and other science groups at Wageningen UR.
The board was asked to consider the value of the current open access to social scientific literature, as well as the value of this library for the knowledge infrastructure and the academic climate of the Social Sciences Group. The board was asked to appreciate that hundreds of students depend on the library as a place to study, and that this open access library is an investment in the knowledge economy and the quality of the future intelligentsia. The board was asked to acknowledge that almost half of students’ education takes place, not in classrooms, but through self-study, for which the Social Sciences Library provides valuable space and appropriate conditions.
But to my knowledge, nobody asked the most fundamental question: Dear Mr. Dijkhuizen, dear Mr. Huirne, does the entire future of Wageningen UR really depend on freeing eight hundred square meters of space in the Leeuwenborch? If things really are so bad, I will gladly return the Christmas gift vouchers I received from WUR. I would rather keep my library than receive your gifts.