Nieuws - 23 april 2009


Cutlets and profiteroles will be on the menu at the St. Francis Catholic Students’ Association (KSV) on Monday evening, 27 April. This is the last time that non-members are welcome. It’s also a goodbye for the cook.

The KSV canteen on Tuesday 21 April.
Wageningen UR stops subsidizing the open canteens at SSR-W and St. Francis KSV from 1 July 2009. The KSV canteen is closing now because the cook is starting another job on 1 May. He is now giving cookery lessons to the cooking committee – because the vast canteen is not going to go entirely unused.

From next week, members can eat there on Mondays and Wednesdays. And bigger groups of non-members are also welcome, as long as they give a week’s notice. The price of a meal is going up to four euros. So it’s still cheap. But is it viable?
‘It will get more difficult, but we want to be able to cater for big groups, for example from student clubs. Catering for 25 people in a student flat is difficult, and eating out is very expensive’, explains board member Nadine Arce.