News - February 28, 2011

LA13 may move to the Dreijen

LA13, the University's cultural and debating centre, may be sold. The University is talking to LA13's occupants about a possible relocation.

The Building with the Clock is a possible alternative for LA13
Wageningen UR is slowly but surely evacuating Duivendaal. The Board Office will already be relocating to the campus this year.
A solution is being sought for the remaining occupants of Duivendaal. That will make it possible to sell the site in its entirety. A decision will soon be taken about the future of LA13, says Ab Groen, Director of Education & Research. Together with Peter Booman, Director of Facilities & Services, he is working on an advisory report for the Executive Board about the future of LA13 and its occupants.
The advisory report will list the advantages and disadvantages of selling the building. It is not yet definite that LA13 will be sold. 'One option we are considering is to stay put. But we are also looking at evacuating the building, in other words at alternative accommodation', explains Groen. One alternative explicitly being considered is the Building with the Clock (Gebouw met de Klok) at Dreijen. Groen says there are also discussions underway with WSO (currently in Arion) and KLV and the language centre (in the Achter de Aula building) about moving to the Building with the Clock.
Prefer to stay put
LA13's best known occupant is the arthouse cinema Movie W. Chairman Adri Bolt would prefer to stay put in the current location. This viewpoint has been made clear in a letter to the Executive Board. 'We would like to stay where we are. We have a great theatre here.'  Bolt says the preferred alternative is somewhere in the town centre. 'But we are not ruling out anything in advance. A location close to the centre would also be acceptable.' He cannot comment on the Building with the Clock. 'I don't know that building. I have never been inside.' Bolt says a lot depends on the specific details. 'And it would be really nice if we could stay close to groups like Otherwise, RUW and the Farmers' Foundation. That would allow us to continue making our contribution to the public debate together with those groups and the General Studies Programme.' The Executive Board will come to a decision about LA13 either at the end of this month or at the beginning of March.