Organisation - January 19, 2010

Kees + bottletops

Kees Booij, microbial ecologist at PRI: 'I've just thrown something away for the first time; that's not easy for a collector'

The human race started out as hunter-gatherers. And Kees Booij expresses that primal urge by collecting bottletops. Stored in endless files in his study at home he has a total of - wait for it - 75 thousand of the things. They are all different. Milk bottletops, beer bottletops, soft drink bottletops. From all over the world. 'What I love about it is the enormous diversity. The nice graphic design, the shapes. And the whole advertising world that is behind it. A bottletop is 2.5 centimetre in diameter, and yet it has to say so much.'  There are five hundred bottletop collectors like Booij in the world.' 'I am number eight. Number one is a Dane; he has 200 thousand'. More information can be found at Highly recommended!