Nieuws - 7 februari 2013

Keeping abreast

Victoria's Secret is taking a radical step: all the lingerie chain's bras are going green. Well, greener. In the wake of a Greenpeace campaign, the company is banning toxic substances from its underwear. Ironically enough, one category is the phthalates, which have been linked with hormonal disruption. Causing girls to develop breasts at a younger age.

Students, donate your sperm! The fertility clinic at the Catholic University of Leuven is calling on students and staff to donate sperm. The demand for more sperm is mainly down to the fact that the clinic now caters for lesbian couples. In exchange, donors can expect to pocket the generous sum of 50 euros.
Loo roll
Students at Mahanoy Area High School in Pennsylvania must now sign for receipt of a loo roll and hand it back after they've 'been'. Don't suppose they like that much. Thing was, the boys' toilets were continually getting blocked with toilet paper. So headmaster Thomas Smith came up with this ingenious way of teaching the students a lesson.
Top of the evening to you!
Drinking laws in the Irish province of Kerry have recently changed to make it legal to drive after 2 or 3 tankards of beer. Many Kerry folk live in remote areas and have no option but to go to the pub by car. The law is intended to prevent people from drinking alone at home, which is said to lead to depression and suicides. The more lenient law, passed on 21 January, was proposed by councilor Healy-Rae. Who happens to run a pub.